Supporting the Use of Basic Scientific Process Skills with a Project Approach in Preschool Period: An Action Research
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Kefi, S. (2023). Supporting the Use of Basic Scientific Process Skills with a Project Approach in Preschool Period: An Action Research. Theory and Practice in Child Development, 3(1), 86–118.


The aim of this study is to examine in detail the project approach practices in preschool education and the state of supporting the use of basic scientific process skills on the water project sample. The research was modeled according to the action research design, which is one of the qualitative research methods. The study group was formed with the participation of 20 children attending the İzmir Foça Municipality Children's House 6 (60-72 months) age group, their parents, a classroom teacher, a teacher assistant and a project manager. In the water project implemented within the scope of the study, documents/products obtained from various activities of the s children such as forming a concept network through brainstorming, generating questions, producing materials, drawing graphics, making measurements and calculations, field visits, ensuring the active participation of families in the process, conducting experiments were considered as data collection tools. These documents were categorized in the context of basic scientific processes, "estimation, observation, measurement, communication, data recording/interpretation, trying/experimentation, drawing conclusions" skills and analyzed with content analysis. In the analysis of 57 activities carried out during the project, it can be said that students are looking for answers to their questions by using skills such as "estimation, observation, measurement, data recording, trying/experimentation, communication, drawing conclusions", and the project process carried out in this way greatly supports their use of basic scientific process skills and thus contributes to their scientific thinking.
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