The Effectiveness of Dialogic Book Reading Technique in Order to Develop Social Skills to 4-5 Years Old Children
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preschool education
social skills
Social Behaviours Depicting Cards
interactive book reading

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Kerigan, B. ., & Çelebi Öncü, E. . (2022). The Effectiveness of Dialogic Book Reading Technique in Order to Develop Social Skills to 4-5 Years Old Children. Theory and Practice in Child Development, 2(2), 37–57.


The aim of this emprical study is to examine the effectiveness of dialogical book reading technique reading on sharing, cooperation, collaboration, empathy and companionship skills to 4-5 years old children in preschool institutions by using subject related picture books. The sample group of the study was selected through simple random sampling technique from 4-5 years old kindergarden classes. It was selected from 17 children from 4-5 years old group using simple selective method., but only 9 children from the age group of 4-5 who participated regularly to the process were chosen as sample in the research. In the study, 4 picture books were read 3 times for 8 weeks using dialogic book reading technique. Therefore, children are aimed to developed the skills of "sharing, collaboration, cooperation, empathy and friendship". In order to ensure that the data in the study is obtained more healthily, "Social Behaviours Depicting Cards " was created by the researcher. " OSBED" was also used in the study. Pre-test and post-test was performed and the data was analyzed by a statistical program. According to the findings of the study, although no significant difference between the answers given by children in experimental group and children in control group to the Social Behaviours Depicting Cards was found, based on the findings of the Preschool Social Skills Assessment Scale, there was statistically significant difference between the pre-test and post-test scores of children's social skills.
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